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The intent of this site is to expose viewers to my experience in Commercial and Artistic images giving them insight into the various themes and subjects available for sale in addition to the services provided.  The artistic work I have shot and cataloged includes images over a 48 year period.  My Commercial work has been focused, but not limited to work in progress and finished Construction projects for Owners, Developers, Architects and General Contractors use for their websites, portfolios and wall hangings.  In addition I provide slide shows on DVD for clients.  I sell work for clients to hang in their homes that are artistic in nature in addition to populating businesses with work that reflect their theme (An Italian Bistro for example).  Although not inclusive of the Photographer's stock images, what you see on this site will allow for further inquiries as to what is available.  In other words, if you do not see it here, please inquire.  My work includes shots taken all over the globe.  I traveled over 3 million miles with Phoenix, Arizona area being my base.  My travels have taken me to so many beautiful places in Asia, Europe, North America, Japan, The Middle East and various cities in the US.  I have been to countless cities in these regions and have captured their essence on film and in digital formats.  I hope that in some way they appeal to you.   Thank you.

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